Upcoming shows

I have two shows coming up!

The first is a group exhibit in cahoots with Contempt's 10th Anniversary party. The event will take place on September 20 at Bar M15 (Walker St. Btwn Broadway and Church, NYC). Other artists exhibiting that night include: Chris Conte, Dan Ouellette, Paul Komoda, Carrie Ann Baade, Louis Guidone, William Welles, John Kolbek, Alain Leriche, Danielle Ezzo, Laura McCutchan, Talissa Mehringer, and Lark Davis. Not to mention that there will be a whole Black & White themed ball occurring as well. So deck yourself out, come look at some art, and stick around to dance the night away!

The second show will happen in mid to late October and will be a solo show at Last Exit on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. To coincide with Halloween, I'm going to be prepping a "New York City HORRORS" show. Think things that truly scare NYs to the bone (roach infestations, crazy cab drivers, etc.) I'm really excited to get started on these pieces! I think it's going to be a lot of fun to work on. And I'm planning on stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new sizes and different media.

Also in the works, a possible video feature on vimby.com.

More details on all things natty art to follow...stay tuned!