Lust, 2008

A few years ago I started painting a series of seven deadly sins. It's one of those topics that everyone has covered at one point or another -- likely in art school. But it's an assignment that seemed to have escaped me over the years (most likely because I've never really had much formal art training). I therefore decided to assign the concept to myself when I was looking for a topic for a color study I wanted to try out. I started with Gluttony to try out a more earthy tone and enjoyed painting it so much (the concept and the new palette) that I decided I might as well go ahead and do the whole series. Of course, flash forward to three years later and I'd only finished Gluttony and Greed at this point! I had always had a funny visual in my head for Lust and knew I wanted her to be next. But she had to wait two years to be realized. I don't know why she finally came about this week, but she's done and here she is. Maybe in another two years I'll get on Envy or Anger! Someday someday.


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KLA* said...

I love it. The dumb lust in her eyes and the sexed up past tolerance lips and the capacious boobs and the little lac legs underneath all that enormous confused red.