Hi all! I have been lazzzzzy about updating this blog (which is just funny since I update my personal blog about umpteen times a week). Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's discovered me recently and has been posting about my art lately on their own blogs and such. I think it's been stemming from a mention on the Drawn! blog site. The mention came as a complete surprise to me and I only discovered it after receiving a number of emails from folks mentioning it. So, thank you for your kind words and I can't even begin to explain how flattered I feel that you folks are digging what I do.

Which, leads me to...what I do! I swears I have been painting. Cross my heart. But I've been slooooow going on updating the website. I plan on doing a major update soon. New works, revised site layout, etc. It's in the works. My personal life has just been insane the past few months (in very good ways!) and I've put art to the side for a bit. But it's been aside too long and I plan to put it back front and center starting .....now!

So, please stay tuned...new sights to see REALLY soon. And again, thank you. Please feel free to stop by the site anytime and drop a comment or email to say hello. I sincerely appreciate it.

(I apparently like to misspell foreign words)

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