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Why I neglected to post these when they happened is beyond me. But here's a write up I did of the WACK! show at PS1. I also went to the Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and very much enjoyed it. I can do without the handbags, but some of the installation rooms were amazing. And the animation / cartoons were...wow!

Here's the WACK! write-up:

I've somehow never been to PS1 and was glad to finally inspect the joint. It's a contemporary art museum located within an old public school (hence the name). The building itself is gorgeous and interesting with lots of odd nooks and stairwells. They also have a large courtyard which serves as the location for their summertime "warm-up" parties (again, which I have somehow never attended?).

The WACK! exhibit was really great although some pieces stood heads above others. I really enjoyed a lot of the collage work, the crochet room, and a lot of the photography projects. A lot of the pieces from the 60s or 70s still felt very contemporary even in the 00s. Upstairs, there was a second exhibit featuring the works of Olafur Eliasson. Eliasson's work is very scientific -- kaleidoscopes, structures, constructions, works in light and movement. It was pretty neat stuff. The most impressive being the large room which we entered and saw everyone laying on the floor. Confused, we looked up and were staring directly into our own eyes. A large circular mirror was above us. Which, was cool enough. Then we realized that it was rotating around. And finally, it was getting CLOSER! An odd feeling, but very neat.


Eliasson is up until June 30, but WACK! closes after next weekend. If you've got some free time, check this show out. It was definitely worth the trip.

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natty art said...

Note...wrote this a while ago...WACK! is unfortunately closed already. :(